Past Shows

04.19.12 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar. FREE show, details TBA
06.24.11 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL w/Blair Crimmins & the Hookers
05.21.11 || Atlanta, GA. Star Bar. New EP release show.
03.31.11 || Atlanta, GA. Private event.
02.26.11 || Savannah, GA. The Wormhole.
02.25.11 || Auburn, AL. 8th & Rail.
02.24.11 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL. w/ Damion Suomi & the Minor Prophets and Jeffrey Butzer.
01.14.11 || Atlanta, GA. The Masquerade. Pool Party Taco Night Productions launch party, w/ Ruby Velle Trio and Noot d’ Noot.
12.18.10 || Atlanta, GA. Highland Ballroom. Our 3rd annual holiday charity fundraiser, w/ special guests Blair Crimmins & the Hookers and MUTT
12.01.10 || Atlanta, GA. Private Event.
11.27.10 || Atlanta, GA. The Music Room; CJ plays a solo set alongside Troy Bieser (Telegram) and Daniel Clay
10.23.10 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL, w/ Jim White and Night Driving in Small Towns
10.15.10 || Auburn, AL. 8th & Rail, long set…it’s just us!
10.08.10 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar, w/Gringo Star & Dead Rabbits
10.02.10 || Atlanta, GA. Criminal Records in-store performance. Details TBA.
08.29.10 || Atlanta, GA. Eddie’s Attic. w/Telegram
07.03.10 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL. With our good friends Blair Crimmins & the Hookers and Lindsay Apple
05.27.10 || Atlanta, GA. 529. Cheap Thursday night show with Dave Daniels
05.15.10 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar. Our CD release show with Special Guest ADRON!
04.15.10 || Atlanta, GA. Eyedrum. w/Fishtank Ensemble – a fantastic Los Angeles-based Klezmer band. Not to be missed!
03.23.10 || Atlanta, GA. Live recording at GSU’s Digital Arts Lab
03.18.10 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar. Team Luis presents FREE Thursdays w/Mumpsy and Romeo Spike
02.27.10 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar. Blair Crimmins & the Hookers’ CD release show, also featuring Walk the Plank.
01.07.10 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL. AFTTD join Dave Daniels, Old Custer, and No River City for Drew DeMan’s going-away party!
12.19.09 || Atlanta, GA. Highland Ballroom. Our annual fundraiser for the Atlanta Community Food Bank – lots of guests and free stuff! Telegram opens the evening followed by AFTTD. Then a ton of guest performers will take the stage for traditional holiday songs: Adron, Telegram, Daniel Clay, Old Custer, Kitty Snyder, Lera Lynn, and more. Closing the night will be a special DJ set from the boys of Judi Chicago!
11.14.09 || Atlanta, GA. Jon David Salon’s First Anniversary party, Old Fourth Ward.
11.13.09 || Atlanta, GA. Highland Ballroom w/ Blair Crimmins & the Hookers.
10.30.09 || Atlanta, GA. Haunted Art Party at the DooGallery.
10.23.09 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar w/ Dave Daniels and Tom Thumb.
9.19.09 || Atlanta, GA. OtherSound Festival, Little 5 Points. Other acts include Judi Chicago, Selmanaires, Jeffrey Butzer, Today the Moon Tomorrow the Sun, Falcon Lords, and more.
9.18.09 || Decatur, GA. Kavarna w/ Dare Dukes and The Preakness.
8.29.09 || Atlanta, GA. Grant Park Festival – AFTTD on the main stage at 6pm.
8.15.09 || [CANCELED] Atlanta, GA. The Highland Ballroom. AFTTD’s bi-annual Charity Fundraiser featuring the Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra
8.14.09 || [CANCELED] Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar, w/ Blair Crimmons & the Hookers and Honey Island Swamp Band.
8.6.09 || [CANCELED] TBA
7.30.09 || [CANCELED] Atlanta, GA. Twain’s. An all-night affair celebrating AFTTD’s 2-year anniversary, all for FREE!
7.22.09 || Marietta, GA. The Strand Theater. AFTTD performs after a showing of the film “Food, Inc.” at the recently-renovated historic Strand Theater. Tealights open the evening around 7:30. Pay $8 for the movie, get the music for free! Click HERE for more info on the theater and directions.
7.18.09 || Atlanta, GA. WonderRoot, w/ Jeffrey Butzer and others.
7.11.09 || Atlanta, GA. The Highland Ballroom. AFTTD plays Wighat’s CD Release show.
7.10.09 || Atlanta, GA. The Earl. Fundraiser for Paste Magazine w/Y-O-U, Richard Parsons, and Attractive Eighties Women.
6.28.09 || Atlanta, GA. East Atlanta. CORNDOG-O-RAMA! AFTTD plays the main stage at 5pm.
6.25.09 || Atlanta, GA. Star Bar, FREE show with Adron, Royal Bangs and Lindsay Appel! Brought to you by the Atlanta Guardian.
6.03.09 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL, w/ I Was a King (from Norway) and Travel by Train.
5.07.09 || Decatur, GA. Twain’s. AFTTD will play for nearly 2 hours (!!!), and you’ll hear a bunch of new material (new songs that we haven’t yet played in public!), and even some choice cover songs. Best of all, the show is FREE.
4.25.09 || Atlanta, GA. The Fishmarket, w/ Untied States, The Selmanaires.
4.23.09 || Atlanta, GA. 529, w/ SeaLions.
4.11.09 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL. AFTTD plays 5 songs from Tarantino films!
4.04.09 || Atlanta, GA. The Drunken Unicorn, w/ Jeffrey Butzer (CD Release).
2.27.09 || Atlanta, GA. The Drunken Unicorn, w/ The Killer & The Martyr and Arms & Sleepers.
12.20.08 || Atlanta, GA. The Highland Ballroom, w/ Daniel Clay & Choral Society. This is our Holiday Blowout show, and admission is FREE with two canned food items. Small cash donations can also be made, and ALL proceeds go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank!
12.04.08 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar, w/Untied States & Hollow Stars
11.29.08 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar, w/Jeffrey Butzer and Nine Inch Neils
11.14.08 || Atlanta, GA. Performer Magazine Presents A Fight to the Death at Lenny’s, w/ The Preakness and LA Tool and Die.
11.01.08 || Atlanta, GA. Jon David Salon’s Grand Opening Shindig.
10.17.08 || Chattanooga, TN. Rhythm & Brews.
10.13.08 || Atlanta, GA. 97 Estoria,’s FREE Monday show.
10.04.08 || Atlanta, GA. Lenny’s, w/The Interiors & Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun.
10.03.08 || Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar, for Gringo Star’s CD Release Show, with Anna Kramer & the Lost Cause
09.13.08 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL, OtherSound Festival!
09.04.08 || Atlanta, GA. The Five Spot, Benefit show for Michael McReynolds
08.10.08 || Atlanta, GA. WonderRoot.
08.01.08 || Atlanta, GA. Lenny’s, w/The Winter Sounds
07.19.08 || Atlanta, GA. Highland Ballroom, w/Ben Gettys-Jamie Shepard-Colin Bragg Trio, and a DJ set from Black Dominoes. This will be our CD Release show, with all kinds of crazy stuff going on!!
07.03.08 || Atlanta, GA. Star Bar, w/TBA. FREE SHOW!
06.14.08 || Atlanta, GA. Star Bar, w/King of Prussia and The Hiss.
06.13.08 || Atlanta, GA. Private Party.
04.18.08 || Atlanta, GA. 4&20 Festival, Reynoldstown, 11pm
04.03.08 || Atlanta, GA. Star Bar, w/Cassavetes and Pink Police – FREE SHOW
03.20.08 || Atlanta, GA. The Five Spot, w/Cinetrope and The Nerd Parade.
03.07.08 || Atlanta, GA. ParkGrounds, w/Tiny Whales – FREE SHOW & FREE BEER.
12.21.07 || Atlanta, GA. Drunken Unicorn, w/ No River City and Wighat.
12.09.07 || Atlanta, GA. NoPhest @ ParkGrounds, w/49 other bands.
09.20.07 || Athens, GA. Go Bar, w/ Daniel Clay and Claire Campbell.
09.10.07 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL, w/ Baby Robots and Henrietta.
08.01.07 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL, w/ The Postmarks and YOU.
06.09.07 || Decatur, GA. Java Monkey. CJ solo w/ Lindsay Appel.
06.17.06 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL. CJ and Mark perform with Goodnight Insomniacs. Headlining: DeVotchKa.
03.29.06 || Atlanta, GA. The EARL. CJ and Mark perform with Goodnight Insomniacs.
03.18.06 || Atlanta, GA. Lenny’s. Pogues Tribute Show featuring No River City, A Fight to the Death, Goodnight Insomniacs, Day Mars Ray, Anna Kramer, and many more!